My love for writing began at a young age and continued into adulthood. This passion for the written word compelled me to earn an MFA in Creative Writing. After graduating, I began teaching English as a second language and writing content for various businesses and websites.

As an educator at the University of California San Diego, I understand how to create a curriculum that speaks to students, challenges them to grow, and achieves learning outcomes. I have extensive experience developing online courses, videos, and curriculum for a remote setting for English learners and native speakers. In addition, I love to keep up with current trends and changes in education. All of which I pass on to my clients.

As a content writer and strategist, I experience the power and impact writing has on individuals and businesses every day. So I use my creativity and craft to write compelling pieces that inspire readers. And I always make sure to write in a tone and style that matches my client’s voice and brand. As a result, my clients always turn into repeat clients, and shared feedback is that my way with words has helped them build trust and confidence with their customers.

My storytelling voice makes my writing style perfect for brand newsletters and email marketing. I can reach your customers with carefully crafted copywriting that sells without being pushy. I understand how to prepare a good subject line and ensure the customer clicks the email and engages with the product.

I’ve now been writing and teaching for 20 years. My specialties are education (classroom technology, online education, teaching methodologies), language, lifestyle (beauty, health, travel, parenting), product review guides, and B2B. In addition, my services include blogs, articles, content strategy, email marketing, newsletters, and social media management.

Let me help you reach your customers and be your voice.

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